A powerful and proud exploration of humanity and social issues in America. With topics including race relations, homelessness, poverty, politics, religion and more. Focused on the perspective of our guests and our listeners. Hosted by yours truly, J. Quinten.

The views and comments of the guests do not necessarily reflect the views of our host or staff.
J. Quinten only speaks for himself and not for any organization or company that he may work for or do business with.

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Our Episodes

Season 1

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Joshua Harris-Till.jpg
suicide prevention_edited.jpg

S1:E1 "Be the Change" Special guest Joshua Harris-Till

S1:E2 "Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-8255"

S1:E3 "The Scary Truth of America's Human Trafficking"

S1:E4 "Dick Rowland and the untold massacre"

S1:E5 Homeless in Seattle and everywhere else

S1:E6 "White on White Crime", is that a thing?


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